Time and patience well needed…Incredible making a video of popular dessert-Soan Papdi goes viral now

India is rich in a variety of foods and most of the folk love to have a pinch of sweet especially after having a meal. When thinking about desi delights such as Gulab jamun, Kaju katli, ladoos, rasgulla, jalebi, and more, our tongues salivate. Although the tastes and likes of people are different when it comes to food, most of us are sweet lovers. 

Every region of our country is popular for its unique sweets which are an integral part of the culture. Indian festivals which are incomplete with sweets always projects ‘Soan Papdi’ to make the day tastier. Soan papdi is a cube-shaped dessert with a crunchy and flaky sweetness. It is enjoyed a lot in festivals like Diwali and Holi. Most of us love to eat it but are least aware of the making of this lovely sweet. However, a making video that gives a glimpse of the Soan papdi made by a halwai is now going viral and has been grabbing attention on social media. 

Soan papdi, made with less sugar is also known as Soan Hawla, this mithai is made using besan, flour, ghee, and sugar to give a crunchy and flaky texture. The video shows how the sugar syrup is molded multiple times to give the texture of the Soan papdi. The stringy sugar syrup is then massaged in a liquid ghee and flour mixture. Uploaded by food blogger @thefoodieshub on Instagram, this video has gone viral! With over 6.3 million views and around 280 thousand likes.

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It is easy to chew and enjoy the sweet balanced ‘mittayi’ so fast but it is not so easy for its preparation. As shown in the video, the preparation of it takes a bit of time and needs patience. The time and effort it takes to make the Soan papdi is remarkable and it has captivated the attention of the internet.