Covered in the blood-soaked paper, a newborn baby found in toilet bin of the Air Mauritius plane: Report

A newborn baby boy was found in the bin of the plane traveling from the island of Madagascar to Mauritius which landed on New Year’s Day. Airport staff found the baby covered in blood-soaked toilet paper, where a team of officials rescued when they screened the plane for a routine customs check, BBC reported.

Soon after the discovery of a newborn baby, police arrested a 20-year-old woman from Madagascar on suspicion of giving birth on a plane. According to the media reports, the baby is doing well. 

The Cities Newsroom reported that the airport officers spotted the child when they screened the plane for a routine customs check and soon after they found the baby, they rushed to the hospital for further treatment. 

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The young woman, who was suspected to be the mother of the boy who initially denied that the boy was hers, underwent a medical examination and confirmed that she had given birth. She was placed under police surveillance at the hospital. Further investigation is going on to know whether any other matter is involved in the incident.