Indian woman uses her hair to pull 12,216 kg bus, sets Guinness World Record

An Indian woman has amazed everyone by setting a Guinness World Record by using her hair to pull a double-decker bus weighing 12,216 kg. The video of her record-setting moment shared by Guinness world record on Instagram shows the woman pulling a double-decker bus with just her hair which is incredible, says netizens.

The woman named Asha Rani pulled a weight of over 12,000 kg double-decker bus with Asha’s hair braided tightly and it can be seen in the video.  She record holder pulls the break carefully and then breaks down after achieving the record. 


“Heaviest vehicle pulled by hair (female) 12,216 kg (26931.67 lb) by Asha Rani,” the Instagram caption by Guinness world record read. The video has gone viral with over 367k views and reactions have been still coming on the page. People were stunned by Asha’s unique ability and lauded her for creating the record. Asha was titled as the ‘Iron Queen’ for pulling the London double-decker bus on the set of ‘Lo Show dei Record’ in Milan, Italy. 

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Moreover, earlier in 2014, Rani had proved her record-breaking strength in Leicester, UK, by achieving the ‘Heaviest weight lifted with both eye sockets (female)’ record – an eye-watering 15.15 kg, states Guinness World Records in its site. 

Thus Asha now holds seven Guinness World Record titles for her unique weight lifting skills.