Friendship is beyond words…Dog helps mountaineer survive 13-hour ordeal after ravine fall

Dogs are always being loved by many because of their kind behavior toward humans. There are several incidents that show the gratitude and soft nature of dogs and are gone viral over social media. One of the incidents showing their loyalty is now from Croatia.

A dog helped a climber who fell into a ravine for 13 hours. On New Year’s Day, a mountaineer named Graha Brickick was injured after falling 150 meters while climbing the highest peak of Mount Velebit on the Adriatic coast, Euro News reported. It took 13 hours to get him from the ravine and it was accomplished by 27 rescuers as the route to reach was embedded with snow, ice, landslides, and broken trees which also blocked the trails. 

Brkic was accompanied on the expedition by his cousin’s eight-month-old Alaskan Malamute dog, North. The youngster helped Brickich survive by curling up on top of the climber and keeping him warm.

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“Friendship and love between man and dog know no bounds,” Croatian Mountain Rescue Service wrote on Facebook with a picture of Brkic lying on a stretcher with the dog curled up on his lap. 

“The real love was seen here between the young mountaineer and the dog, and it is a perfect example of caring for each other. The loyalty of this dog didn’t stop even when rescuers arrived, he was one of us, guarding this man for 13 hours,” HGSS said in its statement.