The world’s first color-changing car unveiled; BMW showcases the new BMW iX Flow

The popular automobile manufacturer, BMW has unveiled the world’s first “color-changing” car at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas recently. The idea is an innovative concept car that changes color in its exterior, grey, and white. 

The concept car is called BMW iX Flow, and it utilizes the electronic ink technology found in e-readers to transform the exterior color. The car is wrapped in E Ink’s ‘digital paper‘ technology normally used to form the screen of the Kindle e-reader. BMW research engineer Stella Clarke said,” This is really energy-efficient color change using the technology E Ink.” In the future, the changes would also be controlled by a button on the car’s dashboard or perhaps even by hand gestures, Clarke said.

The new specialty on color-changing technology has been stated by the carmaker, in which turning the car reflective white on sunny days and heat-absorbing black in the winter could help reduce the electric vehicle’s energy usage and thus extend its range.

With a smartphone in hand, the color change of the car is controlled. When the electrical signals are stimulated, the material comes up with different pigments to the surface resulting in the change in shade or design of the car. It can be racing stripes or anything else.  

Although the technology has now been used in the exterior of the car, the BMW makers also working on extending this technology to the interior of the car. At present, BMW has not yet announced plans to integrate the technology into its actual fleet.

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However, the technology itself uses no energy to keep the chosen color, BMW reported. Although the vehicle on display at CES could only switch between gray and white, BMW claims that the technology will be expanded to consider a wide range of colors.