First time in medical history…US Surgeons successfully implant Pig heart in a human with terminal heart disease

History has been created in America’s Maryland University when the heart of a genetically modified pig was implanted in a man with terminal heart disease. A 57-year-old Maryland man is doing well three days after receiving a genetically modified pig heart. The move has been seen as a medical first that could one day help solve the chronic shortage of organ donations.

The pig’s heart was implanted in a seven-hour operation. According to a release, the patient- David Bennet had terminal heart disease, and the pig heart was “the only currently available option,” and as it was a case of urgency, the transplantation was done. 

Moreover, the doctors who performed the operation revealed the transplanted heart was working normally and creating the pulse and pressure associated human heart. The scientific world has grown accustomed to experimenting as a last resort in a situation where a lot of effort has been made for the human heart but has not been found, doctors said to the media. “It was either die or do this transplant. I want to live. I know it’s a shot in the dark, but it’s my last choice,” Bennett said before the surgery, and CNN reported it. 

It was on December 31, the US Food and Drug Administration granted emergency authorization for the surgery. “This is nothing short of a miracle. That’s what my dad needed, and that’s what I feel like he got,” David’s son told media.

Muhammad Mohiuddin, who co-founded the university’s cardiac xenotransplantation program, said the surgery was the culmination of years of research, involving pig-to-baboon transplants, with survival times that exceeded nine months. “The successful procedure provided valuable information to help the medical community improve this potentially life-saving method in future patients,” he said.

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Meanwhile, the medical team said the days following the crucial surgeries were very complicated. Doctors said Benetton’s health was being closely monitored and that he had not had any health problems so far.