12-year-old Russian girl knocks down a tree with her hard punches; Viral video

Being strong means is a sign of boldness, maybe some people consider it as physical strength, and for some others, it is mental too. When both strengths of one person are joined together, nothing is going to stop them at any cost. An example of such strength and vigor is now in talks and much has been spoken about it. A video shared on Twitter shows an extraordinary act of a 12-year-old Russian girl who is punching down a tree using her Amazing boxing skills.

The video shared on Twitter went viral on social media. In the video which has gone viral, the girl, named Evnika Saadvakass can be seen knocking down a tree with her fists in a forest. She continues to punch the tree and shatters it in under a minute.

The girl is trained by her father, Rustram Saadvakass, who is a professional boxing coach. Reportedly, he recognized his daughter’s talent and interest in boxing when she was just four years old. She has been trained by her father since then along with her seven siblings. 

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The video was shared by a Twitter user, Quarantine Traders and soon after the share, the video was vowed by many people on social media. In the video, she was wearing a pair of gloves and it can be seen that she continuously hits the tree with a professional form. With a minute, the boxer managed to shatter the tree down with her hard punches. 

“She is Amazingly talented…. God have mercy on her future opponent”, one user on Twitter commented.