“Struggled for a job… but now requesting for Euthanasia”: Trans woman Anira; Kerala Minister promises to find a solution

When eligible, each and every one of us would move to avail our privileges in society. Anira Kabeer also moved in her way to get her dream job in any of the higher secondary schools and has also attended 14 interviews across Kerala. Despite her degrees and qualifications, she was labeled as ineligible for getting a full-time job for her. The problem she faced when going through these tough situations was her gender. 

Anira Kabeer is a trans person and she was unemployed too. The state of Kerala was shocked by the revelation of a trans woman recently. Anira said she lost her temporary teaching job at a government school in Palakkad. Anira has appealed to the Legal Services Authority seeking the help of a lawyer to apply for euthanasia in the High Court. In her plea, she complained that she can not work and live as a trans woman in this country. 

Soon after Aneera’s story came into the limelight, Kerala’s General Education Minister V Sivankutty reached out to her and assured her to resolve her problem and appealed to not contemplate suicide. Anira told the minister that she was not allowed to work and live decently as a trans woman. At the same time, Anira informed Sivankutty about the problems she was facing.

As Anira lost her brother in an accident. It has become her prime responsibility to bring up her family. She has been trying hard to get a job with all her qualifications, but there were of no use. Anira says that even in a government school interview, she has been questioned about her sex. Later, in a government school in Palakkad, she dressed up as a male and attended the interview.

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Although, she faced problems from society and from her interview boards, she was very well supported by a group of students. Earlier, she joined the government school in Palakkad in mid-November, she was forced to leave it on January 6. She had applied for the posts of Sociology junior and senior teacher. 

“I’ll talk to the deputy director of education in Palakkad. You give me a letter citing your qualifications and other problems,” the minister Sivan Kutty told Anira. She has agreed to hand over the details in person at the minister’s office in the state capital.