CBI receives prosecution petitions from UAE & Saudi Arabia against 19 absconding Indians: Report

As per reports, 16 Indian absconders from the gulf country have been chosen for local prosecution by UAE. The CBI has received applications from the UAE and Saudi Arabia regarding the same and these Indians who are selected are the ones who absconded from Gulf countries.

The absconders have been identified as those who are wanted in separate cases of fraud and murder, and it was reported by officials on January 12. The requests have been forwarded to the CBI by the UAE Embassy through the External Affairs Ministry for local prosecution following which the central agency has already registered two FIRs against two individuals wanted by the gulf country in their requests.

The CBI has registered a case against Kerala-based Rajneesh Das, who is being investigated by the UAE authorities in a Dh1.5 million fraud case for working as an assistant manager at a Dubai-based company. As per reports, he stole the aluminum strips he sold.

A Karnataka resident is also on the list where he has been alleged of swindling 1.4 million AED in a construction company where he was working as Finance Manager.

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A similar request for the prosecution of three residents for illegally leaving the Arab country, Saudi Arabia has been forwarded by the MEA. The CBI registered case against three residents and they are identified as  Abdul Rahuman, Abdul Samad Kamaludeen, and Anish Sompalan. It is alleged by the complainant that he had left three lakh Saudi Riyals with the trio and went to pray but these three individuals escaped illegally from the country with the money.

With this, UAE and Saudi Arabia together requested the CBI to look into the matter, and these countries have been requesting the prosecution process since it implemented the laws in their respective premises.