2022 Winter Olympics; The US could lose all flights to China ahead of the event

Ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics, Business research of government announcements and published flight schedules suggest that the people flying from the US to China may soon face a hindrance for their travel as there will not be commercial common flights. 

The decision has been taken to curb the spreading of coronavirus infection across the world. From January 19, it will continue for at least two weeks, and all flights from the United States to China will either be canceled or suspended due to Chinese flight restrictions, the report by authorities stated. 

The Winter Olympics 2022 will commence on the 4th of February and it will close on 20 February. In between the dates, most people and participants have planned their trips and the participants take special flights that are mostly restricted to people with Olympics credentials as part of the strict bubble enforced by the authorities around the event.

In June last year, the civil aviation of China has applied a so-called “circuit-breaker” rule to international flights. The rule makes it clear that a flight is automatically suspended for two weeks if five or more passengers test positive upon landing in China. If 10 or more passengers test positive, the suspension period increases.

However, in December 2021 more flights have started their trip and more people have traveled from the US to China and vice versa. During this period, a growing number of passengers on flights from the United States, operated by both US and Chinese carriers tested positive upon arrival in China, triggering a wave of cancellations just ahead of the Olympics and the Lunar New Year, the most important holiday in China.

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The Chinese city Beijing where a steady rise of Covid cases among international arrivals has seen local officials under growing pressure to tighten containment measures. Moreover, the country, China is also following a zero-covid strategy where they used a formula called “dynamic zero” which focuses on strict lockdowns and immediate mass testing.

The authorities say, “We are in communication with the US and Chinese governments to identify a path forward that minimizes impact to travelers.”