Covid-19: UAE’s Ajman warns of pay cuts for employees for exposure to the virus twice

As per the report from UAE, the Ajman Emirate warns government employees to pay fines for the second contact with Covid-19 infected persons.  Local media outlets said federal employees in Ajman will not receive paid sick leave for quarantine if it is revealed that they have close contact with infected people outside the workplace or home for a second time, The Mint reported.

The UAE which has carried out the world’s one of the great number of the vaccination process has completed a vaccination rate of 99%. However, the country is in the hands of Covid-19 still and the spread of the omicron variant globally has pushed the number of daily infections up.

To curb the spread of the virus, Ajman’s Department of Human Resources has issued a circular that will lead to pay cuts, ranging from one day’s pay cut to 10 days’ pay for repeated offenders.

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There is a list of offenses listed by the human resources department of Ajman in the Covid-19. It includes failing to wear a mask, entering and creating a crowded place, shaking hands with others, or going to the office after contact with someone infected with the coronavirus. Also, Supervisors will receive a salary deduction if they fail to ensure that employees comply.

As per reports, the person who comes in contact with an infected person must isolate for a week or work remotely.