Avatar robot goes to school for a 7-year-old sick German boy

Robots have become a common factor among society today and many more life hacks and easy works are being done by these machines. Robots have been placed in different categories and engineers are still working to project new types of robots that help human efforts easier. Now, a robot in Germany has been mentioned in the news because the work done by it, gained the attention of people. 

A 7-year-old student in Germany is not able to attend his class because of his severe lung disease. However, his presence in the class hasn’t been lost there, his friends can interact with him through a robot. The German student, Joshua  Martinangeli, can interact with his teachers and friends with the help of an avatar robot.

The robot sits in the class in Joshua’s place and sends a blinking signal when he has something to say. The headmistress of the school told,” The children in the class talk with him, chat with him, and even make him laugh during the lesson. 

The interesting incident has been taken place in Berlin’s district, where the avatar robots have already been used for different purposes. However, the project is a private initiative paid for by the local council in the Berlin district Marzahn-Hellersdorf.

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“We are the only district in Berlin that has bought four avatars for its schools. The force to do the move was Covid-19, but I think this will be the future well beyond the pandemic,” said district education councilor Torsten Kuehne.

“It does happen from time to time, for various reasons, that a child cannot go to class in person. Then, the avatar can give that child a chance to remain part of the school community,” Kuehne said.