Cafe in Hyderabad serves ice cream wrapped in 24k gold foil; Video goes viral

People often love to watch videos over the internet something interesting and catchy. If it is an incredible making video of food, then our eyes get stuck with it. An interesting video of an ice cream wrapped with 24k gold is now a trending video on social media. A food blogger shared the video of gold-plated ice cream.  

The blogger named Abhinav Jeswani posted a video on Instagram in which a Hyderabadi cafe is serving an ice cream that is coated with 24 k gold foil instead of silver. The video, which has been uploaded recently shows that the ice cream cone is placed on a stand and is filled with chocolate. 

The video begins with the shopkeeper adding some ice cream to a chocolate cone. Then he puts a sheet of gold on it and tops it with a few cherries.  Also, the ice cream is garnished with cherries and chocolate coins, which are placed near a sparkler when served. The name of the ice cream is Mini Midas.

As per Abhinav Jeswani, this ’24K gold ice cream’ is from a cafe called Huber and Holly in Hyderabad. Moreover, the ice cream can be bought at a cost of Rs.500 plus taxes. 

Soon after the video was shared on social media, it gained 2.9 million views and received 230k likes and hundreds of comments on it! Many people have called it tasty, and some have also mentioned that they would like to try this ice cream. At the same time, many others have also commented that the ice cream is overpriced and not worth it.

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Positive and negative comments upon the video could be seen under the post. One user commented, “are we supposed to eat it or keep it”, another user wrote,” so tasty”. Other users hilariously wrote, “ Paisa installment me dene ka option he kya” which translates – “is there any option to pay money installment. Another wrote, “500 bucks just for a softy??? That’s too much.”