MP’s popular ‘Collarwali’ Tigress passes away; State bids adieu to the ‘supermom’ who birthed 29 cubs in Pench Tiger Reserve

‘Collarwali’ popular Tigress in the Pench Tiger Reserve (PTR) situated in Madhya Pradesh died at the age of 16. She was a legendary Tigeress who gave birth to 29 cubs, thus got labeled by the tag ‘supermom’. As per the official report, the tigress died on January 15 evening aged 17 after a prolonged illness in Madhya Pradesh. 

The one thing that makes the tigress stand out among other animals is the tagline achieved by her as ‘supermom’. Between 2008 and 2018, she had given birth to 29 cubs, out of which 25 survived as of now. 

Officials at Pench Tiger Reserve have not revealed further details regarding the death of this 16-year-old supermom and they said further details would be known only after going through a postmortem. However, as per a report by Hindustan Times, the cause of the death appears to be due to multi-organ failure caused by old age. 

Collarwali was the first-ever tigress to be radio-collared at Pench. After the collar stopped functioning, she was again radio-collared in 2010 and that’s how she earned her name Collarwali or T15 tigress. 

According to experts, the average age of a tiger is about 12 years. The tigress ‘Collarwali’ however lived till her 16th age despite her physical health variations. 

Dr. Aniruddha Majumdar, a scientist with the State Forest Research Institute, said, “There is hardly any record of a tigress giving birth to five cubs at one go (in 2010). She raised all of them.” The principal chief conservator of the forest also said, “In October 2010, she delivered five cubs at a time which increased her popularity among wildlife lovers.” 

The tigress first gave birth to four cubs in 2008, but all three didn’t survive then. Later in 2018, the tigress delivered four cubs which took the number of her cubs to 29.

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Taking Twitter, Madhya Pradesh minister Dr. Narottam Mishra expressed condolences at its death. In his tweet, he wrote “Last salute to ‘Super Mom’. Although the official name given by the Forest Department was T-15, the locals called her ‘Collarwali’.