No License required for electric vehicle charging station: Power Ministry

According to the revised guidelines of the Union Ministry of Power, public charging stations (PCSs) can be set up for electric vehicles without a license. These are required to comply with the technical and safety regulations of the Union Ministry of Power and the Central Electricity Authority.  The guideline also states that the existing connection at home or office can be charged at the domestic rate.

Any person or organization can open a public charging station without a license. However, for this, some conditions have to be fulfilled. The standards required for opening have been marked. These include norms of appropriate infrastructure for civil, power, and security-related needs.

There were doubts and concerns regarding the working procedure of the EVs, the power ministry however said, license to charging stations has not been made mandatory. The conditions that have to be followed include: 

  1. The land of government public sector undertakings can be handed over to private entities and individuals to start a charging station.  When charging one kilowatt, rs.1 has to be paid to the landlord. The minimum term of the contract is 10 years.
  1. The deadline for providing a new power connection to the charging station and reconfiguring the existing one is 7 days in metro cities, 15 days in other cities, and 30 days in villages. 
  1. Electricity supplied to public charging stations and battery charging stations will be charged only at the base rate till March 31, 2025, and must not increase during this period. 

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Moreover, in a statement by the ministry, it is clarified that during the activity of charging of battery for use in electric vehicles, the charging station does not perform any of the activities mainly transmission, distribution, and trading of the electricity, which require a license under the provisions of the Act. It is because of this reason, the license for charging stations is not required and it was reported in the 2003 Act.