Tech update: WhatsApp plans to develop 2 new drawing tools and a blur tool for Android users

Updates on the features of the instant messaging app, WhatsApp, have always been watched and noticed by technophiles and are still looking forward to getting the latest trends and updates on WhatsApp. Whenever WhatsApp is ready to introduce a new feature, people eagerly wait for it to receive an updated version, Hindustan Times reported. 

WhatsApp is now working to develop 2 new photo tools for its users. As per the latest report, the messaging application is working on two new drawing tools-  2 new pencils and a blur tool. This feature is under development for Android users. “WhatsApp is finally planning to release new features for the drawing editor after installing the new WhatsApp beta for Android update,” says WABetaInfo. 

“There are 2 new pencils (so they are 3 in total) but there is more under development, and the app is finally working on supporting this new feature for a future update of WhatsApp beta for Android,” it added.

At present, the messaging app has a single pencil to draw but will be getting two new pencils – one thinner and one thicker than the existing pencil. Along with the new pencil, a blur tool to blur the image is also underway. Meanwhile, the blur tool option is already a feature on iOS users and Android users soon get the feature. 

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Moreover, the drawing editor feature will also work for the videos. With this, the third party like editing app or pro tools are not required to edit your pictures and videos. However,  there is no date for the release of these tools to beta testers. 

Besides the tools, WhatsApp has rolled out a new update for desktop users. Under the new update, the application is refreshing the color for chat bubbles and other elements of the user interface.