Indian-origin UK family builds a plane in their backyard; Spends Rs 1.4 crore and over 2 years for their dream plane

The global pandemic has altered the lives of many people around the world and almost everyone sat back at their homes since the start of the emergence of the deadly virus. However, there are some people who started to pick new hobbies or learn a new language. This Indian family in the UK decided to work on a different project and spent time on a challenging project of building a four-seater plane from scratch.

38-year-old India-origin engineer- Ashok Aliseril along with his family fulfilled their year-long dream after finally completing building a small plane in their backyard garden.  His wife Abhilasha Dubey, and his children Tara and Diya couldn’t wait to get on the air after completing the 1,500-hour, £140,000 project.  Moreover, they spent over 2 years completing their dream project.

“It’s like having a new toy, except much more exciting,” Ashok Aliseril told to media and The Free Press Journal reported it. “Ashok has been working hard for the last two years and now our dream has finally come true,” said Ashok’s wife.

The decision to build such an aircraft has been done by this family in order to get their own plane and to accommodate all individuals in the family on it. However, they could not find a suitable option on the market. So, Ashok decided to take matters into his own hands, literally. 

“We started saving money during the first lockdown, we always knew we wanted to own a plane, we saved a lot of money in the first few months, so we thought we could do it, ”Ashok said. “It will be amazing, every hour late at night, and once we get to the sky it will be worth it,” said Abhilasha.

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When Ashok decided to work on his dream, he ordered for the parts and it arrived in March 2020, just as the family found themselves grounded by Covid. Ashok said: “It was worth it in the end, when we were together in the sky. However, the family is hoping to make its first flight on the plane in the coming months.