Chinese woman trapped in lockdown with date announces her marriage with the man

Interesting stories that grab the attention of folks have been occured during the global pandemic period of Covid-19. Now a story of a couple from China is in the air that is, the couple who is stuck in the lockdown with a date is getting married. 

During the Covid-19 lockdown, a woman who had been trapped for a month in the home of a blind date announced that they are getting engaged. As per the statement by the couple, all thanks to the virus lockdown.

Earlier in the country, a similar incident had been reported which was about a couple on a date getting trapped by sudden lockdown rules, but unlike the incident,  this one has a happier ending.

The pair were trapped together during a coronavirus lockdown in Shaanxi province for a month. A 28-year-old woman, Zhao Xiaoqing northern China’s Shaanxi province decided about her marriage and told to state media. She said that she would become engaged to the man, Zhao Fei, during the upcoming Lunar New Year festival when the lockdown is lifted. 

According to reports, the woman has been living at his home near Xianyang in central China’s Shanxi province since mid-December. The woman thought her date with the man living in a different city would be of a one-day meeting, she never thought that it could change her life.

“This is the biggest harvest for me in the year 2021. I am thankful for this special happening,” the woman told to South China Morning Post.

Although the family compelled her to marry the man, Zhao refused to take their words, as she was not interested in a relationship with the man at that time after seeing the man’s photograph. However, later she changed her decision and thought the man looked better in real life.

The couple, who share the same surname, are both 28 years old. Xiaoqing said Fei was introduced to her by her family as a blind date, and the two met for the first time at the beginning of last month when he visited her home in Baoji.

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The couple met a second time in mid-December when she went to Xianyang to visit Faye and his parents, but the whole village was locked up when she was there.

She said they are planning to marry after waiting six months and the couple plan to start a business together selling apples online.