India successfully test-fires new version of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile

According to the defence sources, India successfully test-fired a new version of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile. The mission has been kick-started off the coast of Odisha, in Balasore. The mission which has been test-fired from Odisha is a universal long-range supersonic cruise missile system, ANI reported.

Defence sources said the missile was equipped with new technological developments which were also successfully proven by engineers. 

The specialty of the new version of the missile is that it can be launched from land, sea, and air. It has been developed by India’s DRDO and Russia’s NPOM. Moreover, it has been deployed in all three arms of the Indian armed forces.

According to DRDO, the system has been designed with two variants for Anti-Ship and Land-Attack roles. BRAHMOS Weapon Systems has been inducted and is operational with the Indian Navy (IN) as well as the Indian Army (IA).

Meanwhile, a similar type of test of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile was carried out from the Indian Navy destroyer INS Vishakhapatnam off the Western coast. The mission too was a success, DRDO said.

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The DRDO in a tweet explained,” Advanced sea to sea variant of BrahMos Supersonic Cruise missile was tested from INS Visakhapatnam today. The missile hit the designated target ship precisely.”

BrahMos, being the main weapon of the Indian Navy, has been deployed in almost all of its surface platforms. In addition, the development and progress of BrahMos are in line with the Government of India’s Make in India vision.