Spain to consider Covid-19 as a pandemic to an endemic illness

Spain in its latest report said that in order to return to normal life, the country is aiming to change the current situation by monitoring and seeing the pandemic as an ordinary cold virus.

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said the Spanish government was exploring how and when the management of the Covid-19 pandemic would shift to the management of the coronavirus as an endemic illness. According to the Spanish government, the country has witnessed a decrease in the rate of fatality, earlier from 13% to 1%, and Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez says that it is no longer deadly now.

The move would mean that Spanish health authorities would look upon the coronavirus like influenza, treating it as endemic. At the same time, despite being given 10 billion doses globally, the World Health Organization is urging countries to be vigilant as many people still remain unvaccinated. 

The demotion of the coronavirus to flu-like status is expected to lead to resistance from Germany and France, where vaccine uptake remains lower than in Spain, where more than 90% of the eligible population is now fully vaccinated and 85% of those over 60 have had their booster dose.

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Meanwhile,  Dr. Jeffrey Lazarus, from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), the “end is not in sight yet”. I think this is more about politics than public health. After each wave, they make a new suggestion. Earlier it was the outdoor face masking, now it is to stop counting and stop testing,” Lazarus told Euronews.