US couple who lived for 86 years together holds Guinness Record for the longest marriage

Nowadays getting married easily as well as getting divorced easily are not a big deal. The break-ups happen so fast that there the relationships last only for a few days or years. The story of long-lasting relationships in series drama and movies is often being portrayed beautifully and is being delivered to the audience with all its essence indirectly or directly quoting “happily married ever after”.  One such real-life story of ever ending relationship of a couple is now grabbing the attention of readers. The couple is considered to have the longest marriage record.

A Guinness World Record has been acquired by a US Couple Married for 86 Years and it has been seen as the longest marriage ever by Guinness World Record. When many people consider marriage as a time pass in this modern era, for this couple – Herbert Fisher, a resident of America and Gelmyra Fischer left only after his death, the choice was different, News18 reported.

The couple who got married in 1924, lived for 86 years and 290 days together until Herbert Fisher died in February 2011. Their life story was not so different from that of a movie. The friendship they had at the first time slowly turned into love and then turned into a marriage.

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The couple’s respect, support, and conversation with each other always took the marriage forward, said the Guinness World Records. Acknowledging their unshakable love for each other, former US president Barack Obama had also given them a signed commendation back in 2010. 

 Apart from this, the Guinness Record quoted the couple as “you remain faithful, honest and true to your partner and love each other with all your heart, this is the recipe to be tied in the bond of marriage for a long time.” Unfortunately, Herbert passed away in 2011 but his name still holds the world record.