2022 Winter Olympics; The countries attending and the countries boycotting the Olympics

The 2022 Winter Olympics is scheduled to begin soon at the Bird’s Nest stadium in Beijing maintaining all the Covid-19 protocols. This time, the number of participating countries will be much smaller than that seen at the Summer Games in Tokyo.

Here is a look at who is attending, who is staying away from the Olympics:

Countries whose leaders are attending:

  1. Russia: This time, leaders from Russia are joining China. President Vladimir Putin will meet the Chinese president before the ceremony begin. As both the countries have a discussion on the matter of allies with the US, the day will mark for them.
  1. Egypt and Serbia: Apart from Russia, the countries Egypt and Serbia will be participating in the Olympics. 
  1. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and UAE: China, being the largest buyer of oil from Saudi Arabia, will welcome the country to the Olympics. Qatar and UAE also join them.
  1. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Argentina, Ecuador, and United Nations are the rest of the countries participating in the Olympics.

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Countries boycotting the Olympics:

  1. US: Although the country allowed its athletes to compete in the Olympics, the US announced a diplomatic boycott. Major US allies followed, including the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.
  1. India: As a storm triggered with China about the clashes with Indian border forces in 2020, this time in Winter Olympics, India will not be sending its officials.
  1. Kosovo and Lithuania; These countries, which have severe issues with China over their ties with Taiwan, are also boycotting games diplomatically.

Apart from this, there are some countries who are not boycotting but are not attending the games due to some reasons. It is not diplomatic protest but the Covid-19 situation that forced countries like Denmark, the Netherlands and New Zealand not to attend the Olympics. 

Norway and Sweden, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are also not going to the Olympics.