PM Modi to inaugurate Gobar-Dhan plant in Indore; Know about Asia’s biggest Bio-CNG plant

Indore India’s cleanest city will be getting Asia’s biggest Bio-CNG plant soon. PM Modi will inaugurate the plant on February 19 through video conferencing, which is virtual. The plant has been named the Gobar-Dhan plant which aims to produce 17,000 kg CNG and 100 tonnes of organic compost every day.

According to Prime Minister’s office, the plant is in line with PM Modi’s vision of creating “garbage-free cities” under the Swachh Bharat Mission Urban 2.0. The mission is carried out under the basic principles of “Waste to Wealth” and “Circular Economy” to maximize resource recovery – both exemplified in the indoor bio-CNG plant.

Gobar-Dhan plant

The plant is created in such a way as to treat 550 tonnes per day of segregated wet organic waste. The plant is based on zero-landfill models, whereby no rejects would be generated. Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, providing green energy along with organic compost as fertilizer, etc will be the advantages when the plant gets its fixture in Indore. 

The plant will remove gas emissions, besides ridding the city of huge quantities of wet garbage and polluted air. The plant which has been made in an acre of 150 of the area and a budget of Rs 150 crore in the city is thus named as Asia’s biggest Bio-CNG plant. Indore could now have cleaner air as the plant will offer green fuel for running 400 city buses, which till now were being run on diesel. The organic compost will help replace chemical fertilizers for agricultural and horticultural purposes.

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If the plant had not been done,  the same garbage could have produced 1.3 lakh metric tonnes of carbon dioxide, which could hamper greenhouse layers and add to global warming.