World’s first metaverse mansion Hampton Hall comes for a deal on sale at £29M

Virtual properties are becoming more attractive and the demand for those is increasing nowadays. The Hampton Hall which is believed to be the world’s first metaverse mansion will be set to go on sale for £29 million. The developer of the mansion priced it for £29 million and he aims to give the proposal through NFT containing the copyrighted blueprint and virtual version of your home. 

This means that the person buying it in the future will be getting a digital blueprint of the house in NFT format. The mansion has a host of attractions like a private bowling alley, home cinema, gym. Swimming pool, large garden, gaming room, and bulletproof windows. 

The luxurious mansion house is up for grabs in both real life and in the metaverse, with the dual listing raising the possibility that the £29 million ($40m) Hampton Hall in the UK may have two separate legal owners.

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After the house is set for sale, the owner of the Hampton Hall NFT would be able to download the data into the metaverse, a set of immersive spaces shared by users, where they can interact, innovate and engage with other people, who are not in the same physical space, using 3D avatars.

Virtual property company KEYS Token has tapped Hampton Hall into emerging markets, launching a collection of 8,888 “meta mansions” in March.