Ukraine crisis; Germany halts Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project from Russia

Amid the Russia-Ukraine crisis, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has taken steps to halt the approval process for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia. The reason cited by Olaf was that without certification the Nord Stream 2 can’t be operated. Germany announced their statement following Moscow’s actions in eastern Ukraine, CNN reported.

Germany When Russia sent troops to the border of Ukraine, tensions arose not only for Ukraine but also for the rest of the related countries. The country, Germany, has been earlier preventing war by Russia, over Ukraine. They were accused not only of failing to take a leadership role in diplomatic efforts but also of actively failing to help defend Ukraine from a possible attack. Germany has refused to send military hardware to Ukraine, unlike other countries.

“Now it’s up to the international community to react to this one-sided, incomprehensible and unjustified action by the Russian president,” Olaf told reporters in Berlin, adding that it was necessary to “send a clear signal to Moscow that such actions won’t remain without consequences.”

Earlier. both US and other oppositions of Russia feared Germany’s natural gas import with Russia as it would pave the way to wrap strong bond between Russia and Germany and also feared having a high dependency upon the Russian hands.  For years, Berlin pursued a pipeline to double its natural gas import capacity from Russia. 

There was no suggestion from the rest of the German side opposing the matter of Nordstream process approval. But later witnessing Russia’s move with the army sending troops and Russia’s decision on Ukraine’s eastern side recognition, Germany finally came up to halt the Nord stream 2 approval process. 

The White House immediately praised Germany’s decision, while Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba described it as “morally, politically and practically correct in the current context.” The US earlier warned Germany that Nord Stream 2 poses risks to Ukraine and Poland because it could allow Russia to stop pumping gas through those countries. Now the countries are in a relaxed position and looking forward to getting further updates regarding the same. 

As per reports, the 750-mile pipeline was completed in September but has not yet received final certification from German regulators. Without that, natural gas cannot flow through the Baltic Sea pipeline from Russia to Germany. Germany fears that the halting process at this moment would cause an economic failure, even though, the decision at this moment during the tensions has been found to be of the correct step.

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Nord Stream 2 could deliver 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year. That’s more than 50% of Germany’s annual consumption and could be worth as much as $15 billion to Gazprom, the Russian state-owned company that controls the pipeline.