Armenia man dangles from helicopter to do pull-ups; sets Guinness World Record

Push-ups and pull-ups may be an easy task for some people but for some others, it may be tough. The news now revolves around a man who decided to take precautions by exercising while hanging out in a helicopter. The video of his doing the pull-up with the helicopter created a huge stir online, and it was the most shocking. 

The Guinness world records shared the video on Instagram that showed a man-a Roman comrade from Armenia hanging from the landing skid of a helicopter. It was really a daredevil act that stunted and amazed the netizens. The act was actually a part of a mission to set a Guinness World Record (GWR). 

Wearing only a helmet and with no hesitation, the young fitness lover was seen hanging from a helicopter flying close to the ground. However, he secured the Guinness world record with 23 pull-ups in a minute. The man, Sahradyan, who has multiple world records under his belt take the helicopter adventure as a simple case, and was not feared to take up the challenge. 

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According to the GWR website, he holds the record for ‘most consecutive gymnastic high bar giants’ with dizzying 1,001 spins. Among other achievements, he holds the record for ‘most toe touches on a bar’ and ‘most horizontal bar back hip rotations’ – both done in one minute. Soon after posting the video, it was shared by many and netizens commented on his daredevil act.