It’s a perfect bonding….Kerala student refuses to leave Ukraine abandoning her pet dog

As tensions and conflicts between Russia and Ukraine warm around the world, heart-filling and soft-touching stories enter over social media and news websites. Such a type of story of love and bond between a dog and owner is now winning the hearts of many. Arya, a native of Vandiperiyar, Idukki, left for India without leaving her pet dog Saira.

Arya and her pet Siera are currently in an Indian camp in Romania. It is learned that Arya will be able to return to India with Sera soon. The Kerala minister shared the picture of Arya with her pet dog and quoted on Twitter,” Arya, a native of Vandiperiyar, returned to Indian soil from the battlefield without abandoning her pet dog. The world seeks growth through love.”

Arya is a student of medicine, she has been doing her studies in Ukraine. Arya has a pet of a 5-month-old Siberian Husky puppy Siera. Amid the tensions in Ukraine, Arya is working hard to get back her pet and take her along with Arya to India. 

One Facebook profile, named Shyama Gautham shared tha pictures of Arya and her pet. The profile said,” It was during this time that such a crisis arose. Arya, a relative of our family friend, is from Idukki. For the past three days, Arya has been inside a bunker in Kyiv with food for her pet without even caring for her own food. Arya is hoping that Siera’s’ papers will take care of everything and bring her along.”

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The profile further said, “Arya told the family that she would not be there in India without Siera. Siera would not even take food without Arya. Yesterday, Arya took Siera on a bus back to the Romanian border, 600km away. Arya left even her own luggage for Siera. It was very late at night when she reached the border and walked and carried this dog for 24 km and reached the Indian camp safely in the morning. It is unknown at this time what she will do if Siera has been denied flight entry. Moreover, Arya had earlier told her family that she would not return without Siera.”