Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina thanks PM Modi for rescuing nine of her citizens under operation Ganga

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in her media address thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for rescuing her country’s citizens under ‘Operation Ganga’, from the land of Ukraine amid the Russian invasion. 

Under the operation named- Ganga, India rescued many students,  stranded citizens of different nationals were rescued by India. The main evacuation under Ganga Operation took place from Ukraine’s Sumy to Poltava in which students from India, Bangladesh,  Pakistan, Nepal, and Tunisia were evacuated. There were nine students from Bangladesh and they safely landed in their home country with the aid of India. 

There was 1 Pakistani national and the person was rescued by  Indian authorities and is now en route to western Ukraine for further evacuation out of the country. There were almost 700 Indian students who had been stranded and weren’t able to leave despite the efforts by India. However, more students landed in India under operation Ganga. 

“I want to thank the Indian embassy of Kyiv for supporting us all the way here as we were stuck in a very difficult situation and I also want to thank the Prime Minister of India for supporting us. Hope we get home safely because of the Indian embassy,” a Pakistani girl named Asma Shafique expressed her gratitude.

About 18,000 Indians have been brought back from Ukraine through special flights since February 22. The war in Ukraine began on February 24, when Russia launched a full-scale invasion of its ex-Soviet neighbor, following which several Ukrainian cities have been under near-constant attack.

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According to Puneet Singh Chandhok, president of the Indian World Forum, an Indian convoy consisting of 12 buses left from Sumy and all Indians from the city have been evacuated. The Indian convoy was escorted by officials of the Indian Embassy and the Red Cross.