Rare Albino Zebra with no black stripes spotted in Tanzania; Internet amazed

In a national park in Tanzania, an extremely rare Albino Zebra was spotted by officials, and the Zebra has no black markings on its body, which makes it rare among other Zebras. A wonderful video of this particular Zebra has been posted on the internet and the clip posted on Instagram by the park’s official page has stunned netizens online.

In the video, it can be seen that the Albino Zebra was roaming around the Serengeti National Park along with other normal Zebras. The very distinctive animal has been named Ndasiata, where it stood out among dozens of companions as it did not have the usual black markings. 

The Zebra is covered almost entirely in white fur, with only a few faint black lines on its neck, head, and body. According to reports, the zebra is eight months old and was spotted with a herd of zebras in the eastern part of the national park. 

The color of the animal is slightly paler than any other Zebras and it is the first-ever Zebra spotted with this distinctive feature. The national park officials said, Ndasiata is unique and is said to be doing well and blending in, there have been no reports of any genetic problem involving it. 

Earlier, in 2019, a zebra with peculiarity similar to that of Ndasiata was spotted in the same national park in Tanzania. The zebra had partial Albinism. Partial Albinism is usually transmitted as an autosomal recessive trait, in which there is the partial or total absence of pigment in the skin, hair, and eyes or in the eyes alone caused by the defective or absent function of the enzyme tyrosinase.

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A photographer who visited the national park Sergio Pitamitz said,” At first I thought it was a zebra that had rolled in the dust but noticed that the dust hadn’t washed off when it got into the water. Then I came to know that it is a rare type of Zebra and photographed it.”

Netizens reacted after watching the video of this rare animal. “Astonishing great work this is so beautiful would really love to see itc,” one user commented. “Another reason to visit the national park,” wrote another user.