US man who first received pig heart transplant dies after 2 months

History had been created by a group of US surgeons by transplanting a pig heart successfully on a 57-year-old Maryland man in January 2022. The US man,  David Bennet was the first to receive a heart transplant from a pig. As per the reports, the man died has died two months after the groundbreaking experiment, the hospital that performed the surgery has announced.

Doctors didn’t give an exact cause of death, saying only that his condition had begun getting worse several days earlier. Bennett’s surgery on heart disease was a new step in alleviating the shortage of organ transplants in the health sector. “Will die either or undergo this surgery. I want to live. This is my last turn.” This is what David Bennett said before the surgery. Bennett’s health was critical before surgery. 

Doctors for decades have sought to one day use animal organs for life-saving transplants. Bennett, a handyman from Maryland, was a candidate for this newest attempt of pig transplant only because he otherwise faced certain death – ineligible for a human heart transplant, bedridden and on life support, and out of other options. 

The news about the death of Bennet was reported by the University of Maryland Medical Center and it said in its release statement, “David Bennett, the 57-year old patient with terminal heart disease who made history as the first person to receive a genetically modified pig’s heart, passed away on March 8. Mr. Bennett received the transplant on January 7 and lived for two months following the surgery. Days ago, his health began to decline. When it became clear that he would not recover, we provided palliative care and in his last hours he was able to communicate with his family.”

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Meanwhile, Bennett’s son praised the hospital for offering a final test, and he said that the family hoped it would help further efforts to end the organ shortage.