National Vaccination day 2022; Know the history and significance of the day

National Vaccination Day or National Immunization Day is celebrated every year on March 16 to raise awareness about vaccination and its importance. It was on the same day in 1995, the first oral polio vaccine dose was started in the country. Every year, there are themes to commemorate the day, and this year’s Vaccination Day will aim to spread the message about the significance of immunization and how it prevents the onset of various infectious diseases.

At this time, when the country is going through the Covid-19 vaccination process, the significance of the day has great importance. Moreover, the country so far has crossed a 30 million mark of Covid-19 vaccination. On this occasion it is important to know the history, theme, and significance of the day:


On March 16, 1995, the first dose of Oral Polio Vaccine was given in India. India’s Pulse Polio campaign contributed to eradicating polio from the country and even from the world. In India, on the day, two drops of polio vaccine were given to the children from the age of 0 to 5. Later in 104, the WHO declared India’s this initiative as the best move to take off polio in the country and declared India a ‘Polio Free Country’ in 2014. Thus India could fight against Polio. The last reported case of polio in India in 2011 was in West Bengal.

This year, the theme of National Vaccination Day is “Vaccines Work for all”.  The theme emphasizes the importance of immunization and how it plays an important role in protecting everyone from life-threatening diseases. It was named after thoroughly going through the details of the Covid-19 vaccination in the country. 

According to the World Health Organization, Immunization is a process through which an individual’s immune is increased against foreign harm-causing agents.


Every year on National Vaccination Day, the government comes up with numerous health-related schemes. Vaccination is also given to people free of cost and there are various special programs organized from hospitals to schools. 

The government is doing this to highlight the importance of vaccination to fight against life-threatening diseases. It also makes people aware that the role of vaccination cannot be overlooked. 

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As per reports, it was because of the vaccination process, the country could halt the spread of infections especially the Covid-19 to some extent. Moreover, the global vaccination has also resulted than what was expected earlier. vaccinations helped us save 2 to 3 million lives across the globe after the pandemic in the world. 

Not only for Covid-19, but the global vaccine process also helped combat deadly diseases like TB, tetanus, etc. in the last few decades. Therefore, National Vaccination Day states the importance of vaccines in today’s world and cannot be ignored. 

However, there are some people who refuse to take up vaccinations for their health but it is every single individual’s duty to make them understand the importance of taking vaccines doses. Vaccination Day also helps initiate the talk of why it is important for us to get our family and ourselves vaccinated against the diseases. It helps people take precautions and encourage them to stay immunized.