Israel reports new Covid-19 variant; Authorities say no cause for concern

An unknown variant of Coivd-19– a combined variety of the Omicron sub-variants BA.1 and BA.2, the Health Ministry of Israel said. The authorities said, two cases of the new variant have been detected so far. The new variant was recorded during a PCR test on two passengers at Israel’s Ben Gurion airport, The Mint reported.

The Ministry of Health posted on Twitter which says, “This strain is not yet known in the world, and the verifications were discovered thanks to the PCR test performed at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel.”  The ministry has also said that there is no cause for concern about the virus variant. However, World Health Organization has not yet responded to Israel’s detection of virus variants yet. 

Earlier, this year beginning, Israel had also recorded the first case of “florona” disease, a double infection of COVID-19 and influenza. So far the country, Israel, has recorded a vaccination shot of over four million people out of the total 9.2 million population. The country recorded almost 1.4 million cases of Covid infection, including 8,244 deaths to date. 

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Moreover, the country has eased the restrictions and announced that the country is ready to welcome even unvaccinated tourists to the nation. However, in the wake of detecting the virus variant, the decisions made by the country get doubted. 

Infections have increased in recent weeks in several countries, including China, Singapore, and South Korea. While China’s outbreak seems to have slowed this week, new infections in South Korea hit a record high of 621,328 per day.