Music has the power to heal…Violin becomes a defense weapon in Ukraine shelters

Music is not just soothing your ears but it has the power to heal your heart too. When a beautiful melody is played, it is more than enough for us to forget the present tensions we are dealing with and in the case of war, it is not so different. Vera Lytovchenko- a violinist has become a social media sensation with her violin performances. Her melodious Ukraine music performances caused a bunch of messages of support around the world during the tough times.

“I just want to help those who stand beside me, fearing of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. I know I’m not a doctor to relieve the pain of those who suffer in conflict, all I can do now is perform with the violin in my hand,” Vera Lytovchenko told to media.  “Every second the people of Ukraine are fearing of the Russian invasion, and even in the shelters we are worried about the situation, we can only do is to forget about the war and live the present moment,” she added.

The 39-year-old who hails from Kharkiv said she was inspired by one of her students who played violin for people taking refuge in a subway. She lives in a basement with 11 people, including children and the elderly, as the city near the Russian border is heavily bombed.

“I think of myself as great because we’re in a cellar with heating, electricity, and food. There are those who are unlucky,” she said. Along with Vera Lytovchenko, Illia Bondarenko, 20, also filmed himself in a shelter playing a Ukrainian folk song. Many other music lovers joined him which itself spread a positive vibe all around the shelter. 

Moreover, a soldier on the battlefield in Ukraine, who is also a musician says that he can do more positive movements for Ukraine’s conflict with his music than his weapons. He believes that it is the best way to get people’s minds relived. Also, there are many musicians who have taken up arms to defend our country. 

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Earlier, a clip went viral after sharing the London Symphony Orchestra with over 3.6 million views on Facebook alone and it was part of the “Violinists for Ukraine” campaign to raise money for war victims. 

The video of playing a Ukrainian lullaby by musicians during the tough time was also seen on social media and it has also been received heart-filling and refreshing comments. 

Thus, using music as a tool to build movement is one of the most important aspects to Global citizens and many had experienced a heal with music amid the world wars, that they believe the best way.