Japan’s Fumio Kishida – PM Modi meeting; Japan likely to invest $42 billion in India; Here’s the Agenda

On March 19, a meeting has been planned with Japan and India where Japanese PM Fumio Kishida will encourage a unified approach on Ukraine when he meets Prime Minister Narendra Modi. As per a report by the Japanese media, Fumio will offer India $42 billion (5 trillion yen) in investment over a five-year period, India Today reported.

“I would like to emphasize the importance of international unity and ensure that Japan and India work together on various issues as the situation of the world is worse, that it is witnessing Russian-Ukraine war,” Fumio said in his statement. He also added,” With Prime Minister Modi of India, I plan to confirm our intention to work towards the success of the Quad summit meeting among the leaders of Japan, India, Australia, and the United States to be held in Tokyo within the next few months, as well as our cooperation.”

Here are some of the agendas during both the PMs meet going to be held in Delhi:

  1. Japan’s former foreign Minister Fumio Kishida took up the position as PM in 2021 October. He visited India earlier when he was the Foreign Minister.  He has met PM Modi in that capacity four times. He also met the PM as Liberal Democratic Party’s Policy Research Council’s Chairman. This time, it is the first visit of Fumio with Modi after Fumio became the Japan PM. this time, both countries will look into the matter of ‘Special Strategic and Global Partnership’. 
  1. stability and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region will also be discussed by the two countries. 
  1. The last summit between the two countries was held in 2018 and this time, it will be the first incoming visit at the level of the Head of government. India and Japan are party to the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad), a security framework that also includes the United States and Australia, and this time, it will be discussed. 
  1. As per reports, it is expected tha Japan’s Fumio will offer India $42 billion (5 trillion yen) in investment over a five-year period. Prime Minister Kishida will also aim to reinforce security and economic ties with India. 

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  1. Moreover, several infrastructure projects are underway through Japanese assistance including Mumbai-Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail, Dedicated Freight Corridor, metro projects, DMIC, etc. 
  2. Earlier, the two countries also co-operate in the ICT sector in areas such as 5G, undersea cables, telecom, and network security. A workshop on 5G was also conducted. This time, the extension will be discussed.