The Philippines becomes the next country to consider a 4-day work week after UAE and Belgium

UAE was the first nation to adopt the four-and-a-half-day workweek in 2022, they implemented it at the beginning of January this year and the country Belgium has also adopted the new rule. Now after these countries, The Philippines is taking the plan to make a 4-day workweek for the employees as it is thought to be a move to combat rising costs. 

The government is expecting to collect 131.4 billion pesos ($2.5 billion) this year from excise taxes on fuel, the country’s finance secretary said. Earlier, in the country, economist demands 10 hours of compressed working hours in response to high fuel prices. The fuel price hike was reported after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, The Guardian reported.

With the increase in prices, a call has been prompted for a rise in the minimum wage and greater assistance for drivers. As a result, the socioeconomic planning secretary, Karl Kendrick Chua, has suggested a compressed working week, with employees working fewer days but for two extra hours each day.  A three-month wage subsidy has also been proposed by the labor department.

Karl Kendrick Chua said, “Every employee in the Philippines will have to work for 40 hours per week but instead of five days, it will be four, and instead of eight hours a day, it will be 10 hours.” The pal proposal came after Russia’s attack on Ukraine where it has fanned oil prices, sending shock waves to nations. 

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Meanwhile, Energy Secretary of the country, Alfonso Cusi supported the idea and called for the expansion of work-from-home arrangements to reduce the number of travelers.  Also, Assistant Secretary Dominique Tutay said that the labor department is seeking approval of a 24 billion-peso wage subsidy that may run for three months to benefit 1 million workers. 

Moreover, the country took similar steps during the 2008 Gulf War, when oil prices soared. According to local media, the proposed plan will be implemented soon after the expert panel takes up a decision on this matter.