Russia comes with new power; Takes Hypersonic missile to conquer Ukraine

The conflict in Ukraine is still on as the Russian President has no intention to stop the attack even after passing three weeks since the start. As per the latest report from the defense ministry of Moscow, Russia’s military has fired a hypersonic ballistic missile and destroyed a large underground weapons depot in western Ukraine. 

Russia claimed that it has used a hypersonic missile in which the missiles used are unique in capabilities compared to normal missiles. As per reports, the unique missile, Kinzhal hypersonic missiles have been used for the first time in Ukraine by Russian troops and it was conducted on March 17 in the Ukraine land. 

Also, Moscow used the war in Syria to test new weapons as well. Now Ukraine is a place for Russia to showcase its abilities. Moreover, the missile can hit a target up to 2,000km (1,240 miles) away and can fly faster than 6,000 km/h also the missile can travel at more than five times the speed of sound. 

The move made by Russia was to take much more control of Ukraine, and they think that it is the fastest way to invade Ukraine. The Russian troops said, the hypersonic missile which is also called a dagger, missiles had been used the previous day to destroy an underground weapons cache in the southwest of Ukraine. Also, the Russian troops had been deployed with the missiles around Ukraine fearing that the later intervention of the US to Ukraine conflict would be a setback for Russia.

There were signs of a shifting military strategy come as President Joe Biden prepares to travel to Europe to rally further support for Ukraine. The U.S. agreed to supply Ukraine with drones, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, anti-tank missiles, small arms and ammunition, adding to weapons that have already helped “inflict dramatic losses on Russian forces.”       

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According to former reports, the Kinzhal missiles are part of an array of weapons unveiled in 2018. Russia first used the hypersonic missile during its military campaign in Syria in 2016.” However, the missiles can carry a nuclear warhead and a conventional warhead, and according to recent reports, MiG-31 fighter jets were sent to Kaliningrad, which delivered several European capitals.

With the increased use of this missile, there is a chance of more bombardments and casualties expected to increase, which can even take the lives of more civilians in the country.