WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange marries his fiancee in London prison; The couple’s story so far

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange got married to his fiancee Stella Moris on March 23 at the high-security London prison where he is being held during his extradition case. It was a special wedding that took place in jail in the UK, where it was attended by four guests, two official witnesses, and two security guards. 

The wedding ceremony, led by the registrar, took place during a visit to the prison that houses some of Britain’s most notorious criminals, including murderer Ian Huntley. Assange married his long-term girlfriend Stella Moris.  “Today is my wedding day. I will marry the love of my life,” Moris wrote in The Guardian ahead of the small ceremony held under strict prison rules. 

Julian Assange’s case

WikiLeaks is an international non-profit organization that publishes news leaks and classified media provided by anonymous sources. Assange is the publisher, editor, and founder of WikiLeaks. Assange’s WikiLeaks came to international attention in 2010 when it published a series of leaks provided by US Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning. These leaks included the Baghdad airstrike Collateral Murder video the Afghanistan war logs, the Iraq war logs, and Cablegate. After the 2010 leaks, the US government launched a criminal investigation into WikiLeaks.

Stella Moris- Assange’s fiancee

Stella Morris aka. Sara Gonzalez Devant is a South African lawyer. She is now famous as the celebrity spouse of Julian Assange. The 37-year-old Stella was born in South Africa in 1983 and has spent nearly 20 years in London. She is of Spanish and Swedish descent. 

Stella- the mother of two continued to fight for her partner’s legal challenges and strongly opposed the United States’s extradition of Julian. Last month, while in prison in London, they registered to marry, stating that the couple’s present circumstances would not “interfere” with their wedding preparations.

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How the couple met

Stella first met Julian Assange in 2011 through a lawyer named Jennifer Robinson. In 2010, Julian was charged with rape. Jennifer was his lawyer against the case. However, in 2010 the charges were waived. The duo Julian and Stella there started a relationship with each other, and they were having a romantic relationship till Julian Assange was put in Prison. The couple publicly announced their relationship in 2015. In 2017, the couple engaged after their first son Gabriel was born.

The engagement of Assange and Morris, former members of his legal team, was announced in November and the marriage was allowed in Belmarsh Prison in south-east London, where they are being remanded. Stella Morris arrived at the prison in a gray dress designed by Vivian Westwood, adorned with the words “aristocratic,” “free,” and “turbulent.”  In reflection of the Scottish heritage, Assange was seen dressed in a kilt.