Instagram to soon allow users to respond to stories with voice messages

The photo-sharing app, Instagram is working to give the users new features which enable them to respond to the Instagram stories with voice notes. Already there are many ways to respond to the stories through GIFs and text messages. However, according to the developers,  the photo and video sharing app is working on a feature that would enable Instagram users to respond to Stories using voice messages.

A developer, named Alessandro Paluzzi, came up with the new idea of sending voice messages to the stories to which we intend to respond. Alessandro shared a screenshot from Instagram Stories with a microphone icon in the field for story replies and stated outright that Insta “is working on the ability to reply to Stories with voice messages. 

In his screenshot, there is an option to send a voice note while responding to a Story that will appear right next to the GIF option in the message bar. There will be a mic icon that can be used by the users to send voice messages when they wish to respond to messages.

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It is also unclear about the accuracy of the feature of sending voice messages like the feature in snap-chat. Also, with this feature, users can also reply to stories on that site with voice messaging. 

However, when will Instagram roll out the new feature is unknown and users are keeping an eye on this right now. Meanwhile, Instagram has also started to roll out a number of new features to its platform lately.  Earlier, the company Meta was also working to give more new features to the users. In addition to this, Meta has also rolled out the feature that will enable users to add captions to their videos by the tap of a button.