This Swiss man stunningly performs football juggle while skiing, netizens amazed; Viral video

Without any doubt, it is sure that football is a widely loved sports event in the world which is played everywhere from sandy beaches to snowy mountains. Whenever a crazy, incredible football skill video has been showcased by a person, it is only enough for football lovers to take it to the next level. Now the internet is filled with a video of a Swiss man, Andri Ragettli who juggles football while taking another sports event skiing. 

Andri Ragettli is a professional freestyle skier, and his incredible video of football juggles while skiing on boards has now gone viral and netizens were stunned to see it. The video went viral so much that Andri’s favorite club, Real Madrid, gave him a shoutout by sharing his video on their official Instagram page.

Many are asking why such a video is getting attention on social media, and the reason they will not understand is that the sports event skiing itself is very tough and balancing the juggling with football is also tough work but the man easily does it without any break. The skier showed his love for the beautiful game by juggling a football while skiing. It is noteworthy that throughout the video the ball never even touches the ground. 

The video has been widely shared on Instagram and has been shared by many. The video soon after sharing garnered over 12 million views and tons of applause from netizens. At the beginning of the video, it can be seen that the player is juggling with a football alone, later when he, moves with his skiing pad, he keeps on performing with the ball and finally does a complete flip with the football. 

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“Yooooo… that’s Awesome. I bet I could do that after I learned to ski, and worked on my dribbles!! NO LIMITS!!,” one of the comments under the video read. There are many other comments in different languages, especially in German, French, Italian etc.