It’s now legal in New Jersey…US state approves 7 facilities for recreational cannabis sale

The New Jersey government has decided to make the sale of Cannabis legal in the state, making it an official approval to distribute cannabis in the state not just for medicinal purposes, but as a part of tourism. The New Jersey regulatory commission has given permission to sell cannabis in 7 dispensaries at the beginning. 

The green light has been given to seven facilities that already sell medical marijuana to also sell recreational cannabis, although it’s not clear exactly when sales would begin. “These delays are totally unacceptable. We need to get the legal Marijuana market up and running in New Jersey. This has become a failure to follow through on the public mandate and to meet the expectations for new businesses and customers,” Senate president Nick Scutari tweeted. 

Among the 7 facilities, three of the facilities, known as alternative treatment centers, are in the northern part of the state. Three are in the south, and one is in central New Jersey. Earlier in new jersey, around 68 farmers have received the approval to use cannabis, and apart from these 68, 34 of them have also received the approval to use it in the state. 

Meanwhile, the commission authorized 13 individual dispensaries, which will be scattered throughout New Jersey, including several that are within a half-hour drive of New York City.

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The commission’s decision to allow the sale of existing dispensaries to leisure customers comes at a time when the state’s leisure weed market is stagnant and state officials do not want to open the market before it is ready. Hundreds of retailers have applied for open recreational dispensaries but none have been approved yet.

According to a spokesperson, The New Jersey Cannabis Trade Association, a trade group that advocates for the alternative treatment centers, estimated that recreational retail sales could start as soon as the end of April. 

With this move, New Jersey becomes the second state on the East Coast to fully authorize sales of cannabis to all adults.