” Art in Nature”…IT Engineer from India wins ‘Shot on iPhone’ macro photography challenge

A Software engineer, Prajwal Chougule of a Kohlapur-based company, has won the Apple photography award 2022.  He was amongst the ten winners of the Apple ‘Shot on iPhone macro photography challenge. The engineer won the award for his beautiful capture of the ‘Art in Nature’. The art in nature term has been given for a spider net which was captured by Prajwal Chougule with his macro camera sensor of Apple phones, India Today reported.

Along with Prajwal, nine others have also won the award with different shots on their macro cameras. The officials of this contest planned the contest with an idea to highlight the macro camera sensor of the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Apple required photographers to click pictures using the macro lens of either the iPhone 13 Pro or the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The Kohlapur-based engineer used his camera to capture dew drops on a spider web using the macro lens of his iPhone 13 Pro. Apple has started accepting entries for the iPhone macro shot on iPhone photography challenge from January 25 till February 16, 2022. Later it announced the winners of the contest and the picture taken by Prajwal got attention worldwide. Kolhapur’s Prajwal Chougule joined other winners hailing from China, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Thailand, and the US.

A panel of an international panel of expert judges such as Anand Varma, Apeksha Maker, Peter McKinnon, Paddy Chao, Yik Keat Lee, Arem Duplessis, Billy Sorrentino, Della Huff, Kaiann Drance, and Pamela Chen judged the photography contest. 

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“It is simply stunning. Drops of water create these beautiful little pearls that take on the complicated yet beautiful shape of a spider web,” said one of the judges of the photography challenge, Arem Duplessis after announcing the winners. 

Moreover, Prajwal after receiving the award said, “The ‘golden hour’ brings out the best in nature and is the joy of a photographer. The snowdrops on the spider’s web caught my attention, and the dried spider silk formed a necklace, in which I was fascinated by the way the snow shone like pearls. It felt like a work of art on the canvas of nature. “