Covid-19 is far from settling into an endemic situation: WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) said in a statement that the novel “Coronavirus” is far from being transmitted to a contagious situation or epidemic situation now and still there are chances of it having outbreaks at any time around the world. 

“I dont think that the world has reached anything close to an endemic situation with this virus. It had not settled down into any seasonal pattern or transmission pattern and was “still quite volatile, still capable of causing huge epidemics. It is not an endemic disease. ” said WHO emergencies director Michael Ryan.

Ryan further said, “Don’t believe that endemic equals it’s over, it’s mild or not a problem. That’s not the case at all.” He also cited that tuberculosis and malaria as endemic diseases that still killed millions of people per year. 

The situation that is getting worse in China has to be considered and taking that too into account, it is not sure to conclude the end of the epidemic, howvever, it is far from becoming an endemic disease. 

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Ryan further explained that once infectious diseases have settled into an endemic pattern, they often turn into childhood diseases such as measles and diphtheria, which “are more likely to occur as new babies are born”. If vaccination levels are as low as happened in the case of measles, there is a chance that infectious diseases can re-emerge in the world. 

“We’re still in the middle of this pandemic. We all wish that we weren’t. But we are not in an endemic stage.” Ryan warned in his statement.