Skewed the Covid updates… Centre catches Kerala for snoozing on Covid data

The Central Government in its statement accused Kerala of not reporting the Covid-19 case daily figures to the centre. Lav Agarwal, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health has sent a letter to Kerala in this regard. As per the report by the centre, Kerala has reported state-level Covid data after a gap of five days, and the centre said that the delay in the report of Covid-19 data distorted India’s key pandemic monitoring indicators, including cases, deaths, and positivity rates.

“It has been observed that Kerala has reported its state level Covid-19 data after a gap of five days. This has impacted and skewed the status of India’s key monitoring indicators like cases, deaths and positivity,” the Union ministry wrote to the state. Meanwhile, India reported a 90 percent jump in Covid cases in a single day, the Union Health Ministry said. 

After a few day’s gap, India’s daily new Covid count crossed the 2,000-mark once again with 2,183 new cases being reported on April 17. The surge in the cases is a result of the increasing count in the states such as Haryana, and Delhi and along with that, the delay in the report of Covid cases in Kerala was also a factor. 

Kerala last reported Covid numbers on April 13. After knowing that Kerala has not released a detailed report o Covid cases for 5 days, the ministry enquired about Kerala’s erratic behavior.  The Centre said that Kerala which reported the data after 5 days from April 13 included all the reported cases and deaths of the previous four days. This caused a sudden spike in national COVID-19 numbers. The daily death toll also showed a large discrepancy.

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Covid cases data reporting is crucial and essential even at this stage for the country as it is a meaningful understanding of pandemics at the district, state, and national levels and ensures that any anomalies, surges or emerging trends could be captured in a timely manner. However, Kerala’s lag caused a change in the daily report, said the centre. The Centre has now asked Kerala to ensure daily updates of required details.