India tops milk production in the world; produces milk worth ₹ 8.5 lakh crore: PM Modi

India tops the list of countries with maximum milk production in the world where the turnover calculated was more than that of the turnover received for wheat and rice production output, PM Narendra Modi announced. The Prime Minister said that  India produces milk worth ₹ 8.5 lakh crore annually. When the data of wheat and rice output was calculated, the result came higher and it is the latest report.

“Today, India is the world’s largest producer of milk. When the livelihood of crores of farmers depend on milk, India produces milk worth Rs 8.5 lakh crore annually, something that many people, including big economists, do not pay attention to,” PM Modi addressed the people of Gujarat. PM was addressing a gathering at Diyodar in the Banaskantha district after inaugurating a new dairy complex and a potato processing plant of the Banas Dairy.

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PM Modi stated that the largest beneficiaries of the dairy sector are small farmers who do not own more than two or five bigha of land and they experience lesser amounts of  rainfall and lack of water. “Small farmers raise livestock and take care of the family, indeed they are the backbone of our productivity in the country,” added PM Modi. 

The Prime Minister also handed over to the nation the Banas Community Radio Station and the extensive facilities for the production of cheese products and whey powder at Palanpur, as well as the manure and biogas plant at Dama.