‘Flowers Oru Kodi’ helped; Simson fulfills his dream to meet actor Jayasoorya

‘Flowers Oru Kodi’- the popular television quiz-oriented show that exhibits the stories of many unscripted real-life situations has become a platform to fulfill a participant’s dream to meet actor Jayasoorya. The participant of the show, Simson is overwhelmed to get his dream come true. 

Simson, while taking part in the reality show was asked to reveal the biggest dreams of his life by the show Anchor R Sreekandan Nair. With a smile on his lips, he said, his biggest dream in life is to meet 2 renowned personalities. It was the actors Jayasoorya and Babu Antony and besides them, he also had a dream to meet actor Kalabhavan Mani(late). Further the show anchor Sreekandan Nair asks the reason for Simson’s wish to meet actor Jayasoorya. “I used to watch the actor’s movies and used to pay attention to his films. If given a strong possible character he would go up in flames, I intensely love his acting style” Simson responded. 

Sreekandan Nair assured Simson that Jayasurya would soon come to meet him anyway and that one day will no more be just a dream. Soon after the show went on air, it paved the way to get Simson’s dream come true and the moment has now become a reality. 

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The actor after watching the video cut of the show reached Simson’s house to meet him and even hugged him. It was a sight to behold. That moment took Simpson to an extreme level of his excitement. “I received a video byte of one person who has eagerly in wish to meet me, At first, I wondered who it was,” Jayasurya said. “It was that intensive wish and the life story of Simpson that brought me here,” Jayasoorya added.

The courageous Simpson, a native of Thrissur, has reached the ‘Flowers Oru Kodi’ platform recently and his story of narrow escape from death about six times left viewers shocked. He lost sight of both his eyes in an accident following an elephant crash ten years ago. Thereafter Simpson vanquished all his hardships with a smile, despite the darkness in his eyes.