99-year-old RAF veteran flies plane to raise money for charity; Gets applause for the brave action

Kate Orchard, a former Second World War RAF veteran has decided to fly high not just to achieve her dream but also to raise money for a charity. The 99-year-old kate took to the skies in a glider in order to raise money for Armed Forces charity Help for Heroes just a week before her 100th birthday. 

Kate lives in Camborne, Cornwall, in the UK and she was in the UK’s Royal Air Force during the second world war.  Kate was responsible to take up the duty of Signaling jets to fire as a conspirator in the year 1941 to 1945. Besides the work with UK RAF, Kate also worked with the Indian force where she helped to identify whether messages from aircraft were shared in a friendly manner or hostile manner. 

Kate’s family watched her fly from the grounds, as this 99-year-old lady took the decision to surprise the world even at this age of hers. By taking to the skies again, she was raising money for ‘Help for Heroes. Once the 99-year-old veteran landed safely, she said she wanted to do something for her country.  Kate’s fly to the skies in a glider to raise the fund reached far and wide, and then, she was filled with cards, calls, and gifts.

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Kate was born into a large Anglo-Indian family of 13 siblings and her father worked as the Chief Telegraph Inspector in the Indian Railways. India in 1941, created the Women’s Auxiliary Corps (India), recruiting women to assist in the war effort, and then 20-year-old Kate and her two sisters volunteered. 

Applauding her daredevil decision, the BBC radio Cornwell on Twitter posted, “#WWW2 veteran Kate Orchard turns 100 in a few days – today she went up in a glider to raise funds for @HelpforHeroes- looks like she had a great time in the skies above @RNASCuldrose!”