France elections; Emmanuel Macron becomes first French president to win a second term in 20 years

Emmanuel Macron scripted history, winning the President of France for a second term in two decades. The French president could comfortably make his position secure by defeating his far-right rival Marine Le Pen in the recently held France elections. With the win, this is the first time ever that a governing president of the Fifth Republic has been re-elected. 

During the runoff vote on April 24, Emmanuel Macron marched to the position with  58.8 percent of the votes. A runoff voting means a two-round system, a voting system used to elect a single winner, whereby only two candidates from the first round continue to the second round, where one candidate will win. However, the opposition received 41.4 percent of the votes, the highest in her last three unsuccessful presidential bids.

After Emmanuel’s victory, he appeared before the public and addressed them. In his speech, he said,” The people of the country voted for me not because they support my ideas but to keep out those of the far-right Marine’s party. I want to thank them and know I owe them a debt in the years to come.” “No one will be left out of the way in France, Iam pledging to be a president for all,” Macron added.

However, not every people in the country voted for the two competitors, instead, they stayed home and did not participate in the election processes. 

Macron became the first French president to win re-election in 20 years after defeating Penn’s father, the incumbent Jacques Chirac, in 2002. Moreover, Le Pen -the French lawyer and politician also tried hard to secure her position as France President. 

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Le Pen’s result also marks the closest the far-right has ever come to taking power in France and has revealed a deeply divided nation. Le Pen also delivered a concession speech within a half-hour of the first projection, speaking to her backers gathered at a pavilion in western Paris. After the elections, Le Pen called the result “historic” and a “shining victory” that put her political party, National Rally, “in an excellent position” for June’s parliamentary elections.