Video conferencing might hinders your creative ideas than meeting in person: Study 

When the nature of the routine workplace at the office changed to a portion of your home, the normal view way of people’s thought and brain processing also changed slowly. In a recent study, it is claimed that the creative ideas of employees have been at risk when thy changed to video conferencing in lieu of meeting in person.

Research suggests that workplaces should prioritize brainstorming sessions for the office. To find out how this big change affects creativity, U.S. researchers studied about 1,500 employees at a telecommunications company in Finland, Hungary, India, Israel, and Portugal.

The result of the study suggests that people sometimes struggle to come up with creative ideas during a video call as compared to meeting in person. In a study in Paris, some employees were asked to meet directly and come up with creative ideas, while others were asked to do video conferencing. 

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The results came quite surprising as people who spoke in person came up with around 15 percent more result than people in the video calls. The same method was applied in another set-up as the researchers found similar results in an experiment involving more than 600 university students. 

Despite the results, the findings of both experiments revealed that video calls are effective in selecting the best idea. However, the study claimed that video conferencing hinders concept formation because it focuses communicators on one screen, which in turn triggers a narrow intellectual focus.