Video of woman with Dementia Recognizing her Son goes viral; Priceless says internet

A video of a 90-year-old dementia patient recognizing her son on her birthday takes rounds on the Internet and makes the internet teary-eyed. The woman had been suffering from dementia for a while, but when she saw her son approaching her, she recognized him. The man himself was surprised to learn that his dementia-stricken mother recognized him the moment she saw him.

An Instagram handle, Goodnewscorrespondent shared the heart-melting video that captioned, “My brother surprised mom for her 90th birthday, “I LOVE YOU MY JOEY”: Mother with dementia recognizes her son on her birthday.” The comment section under the video has been filled with emotional and pleasant messages. 

In the video, it can be seen that the man enters the room knocking on the door.  When he meets his mother, they both hugged together. After greeting each other, he asks how is she, and she responds in a heartfelt voice,  “I am fine, thank you.” When the man asks his mother whether she recognizes him or not, with a soft little voice she replies…”Joey, you are my Joey.”

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The video has received 2,800 likes and over 25,000 views so far. “OMG. I’m crying at the way she tells him. You my Joey. U feel & hear the love in her voice. God bless her,” one of the comments read. “Nothing but a mother’s love,” another comment read. “ So sad, yet so beautiful. I’m sure it made his day (as well as hers) that she remembered him,” another comment read.