Fourth consecutive year, India imposed highest number of internet shutdowns in 2021: Report

According to a report by digital rights advocacy group Access Now, India remains the country with the most disrupted Internet access or internet shutdowns at least 106 times in 2021, 85 out of which are from Jammu and Kashmir. This is the fourth consecutive year, India has been standing first among the rest of the countries in terms of internet disruption in the world, The wire reported.

The report also showed that the governments around the world have imposed Internet shutdowns approximately 182 times in total in 34 countries, a slight rise over the number of shutdowns in 29 countries by at least 159 by 2020. In the same year, India imposed 109 internet shutdowns. 

The report submitted by digital rights advocacy group Access Now titled, “The return of digital authoritarianism: Internet shutdowns in 2021″ tracks a year’s worth of internet shutdown data. Followed by India, it is Myanmar which stands second in the most number of internet disruptions in the world. Myanmar imposed the highest total number of shutdowns in 2021, with 15 disruptions. Sudan and Iran with five shutdowns in each country come on the list further. 

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The report further pointed out that the government’s action to take a look into the matter caused this internet shutdown in the country and paved the way to making India the country with the most shutdowns.